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DISCLAIMER AND TERMS OF USE * This Program is in use by the major Courts in Maryland to assist in determining recommended Maryland child support, however not all Courts, Masters or Judges use this program. ** Any amount over $30,000 combined income calculations are subject to the discretion of the Court. However, our over guidelines calculations are widely accepted by the Courts for recommended support. No Guarantee Is Made As To The Ultimate Determination Of Child Support. The Calculations Are Only Recommended Amounts Taking Into Consideration Current Maryland Law. If You Need Specific Legal Advice About Your Situation Contact Your Local Bar, Attorney In Your State Or Community Or Visit One Of Our Family Law Advisers. The information provided on our site is general in nature and is not meant to constitute legal advice. *SASI (Support Analysis Software, Inc.) SASI-Calc, SASI-Time, SASI-Alimony are all programs of SASI.